Immense skill and breathless conviction
    ...There's no faulting Reid's command of her craft
    The Times

    Rachel keeps
    oral tradition dust-free and fresh-faced,

    bridging between storytelling and spoken word

    from rock festivals to theatres, and campfires to concert halls.


    Language and Life

    Songlines through a vanished city

    Rachel conjures the ghosts of her father's childhood in the Yiddish East End of London, where anarchists, rabbis, poets and shoemakers packed into a square mile side by side.  Rachel unpacks songs her parents wrote over thirty years ago, accompanied by pianist David Harrod. 


    Uncovered & Retold

    In Development: In the whole World, only one manuscript unfolds the Roman de Silence. An Arthurian legend had been waiting for seven hundred years to be found. But it was 1911. Suffrage protests were at their explosive height. And this story suggests that King Arthur's lineage depended very much on female emancipation. So the tale itself was silenced. Until now.


    Stories in the Mountains

    On a walk through the woods, you pause for breath. Leaves shuffle in the breeze, something inside you answers back.
    Whilst walking 200 miles through a remote part of Italy last year, Rachel collected folk tales, mythology, geology local gossip, and the stories of families who've lived on the same land for generations. A storytelling performance, currently 60 minutes long.

    I'm Hans Christian Andersen

    All of the Fairytale, None of the Sugar

    “On the radio they said that he wrote the Little Mermaid whilst staying on an island to the East of Denmark, avoiding the wedding of the person he loved…”
    This show weaves between Andersen's unconventional life, the stories he stitched his experiences into, and our own modern obsessions with living ‘happily ever after’.

    ✮✮✮✮ The Times ✮✮✮✮ The Independent ✮✮✮✮ British Theatre Guide

    Three Acres and a Cow

    A History of Land Rights & Protest in Folk Song and Story

    In Three Acres And A Cow, Rachel Rose Reid and Robin Grey connect The Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with the 90’s road protests and current food sovereignty movement via the Enclosures and Industrial Revolution, drawing a compelling narrative through the radical people’s history of Britain in folk song, stories and poems.

    Part TED talk, part history lecture, part folk club sing-a-long, part poetry slam, part storytelling session… Come and share in these tales as they have been shared for generations.

    see more here

    Songs from the Sea

    A Cabaret of Sea Songs & Stories

    Salty ballads and windswept stories from Dr Clive (The Curiosity Cabaret; White Mischief) and Rachel Rose Reid.
    With shanties to sing together, folk tales to sink into, and lullabies to bring you back home. This show has sailed at the Green Note Cafe, and at the Kings Place Festival.

    “A glimpse of magic” The Guardian



    Billy Bragg

    Woody Guthrie Concert: Commission

    A commissioned narrative poem for Summer Sundae festival, marking Woody Guthrie's centenary, opening for Billy Bragg's main festival set.

    listen here

    Royal Shakespeare Company

    Workshop Leader / Storyteller

    Work with the RSC's Learning & Performance Network, creating a story linking scenes from Othello (developed by a number of schools) into a single compelling performance


    Charles Dickens: Commission

    A narrative poem commissioned for BBC Radio's flagship cabaret of spoken word.

    listen here


    Workshop Leader / Storyteller / Poet

    I run workshops and perform around the country for the UK's leading organisation for performance poetry in England, Birmingham, London, Plymouth and more. 


    Creative in Residence

    BBC Radio 3 (Dickens Bicentenary), Saison Poetry Library, Dickens Museum, Billy Bragg's Woody Guthrie Centenary Concert, English Folk Dance & Song Society Creative in Residence, Royal Shakespeare Company Learning & Performance Network, Young Friends of the British Museum


    London Stone

    Glastonbury Festival; Kings Place Festival, Burning Man (Center Camp Stage), Norwegian Storytelling Festival, Words Festival (Denmark), Contos de Liberdades (Portugal) Alden Biesen, (Belgium), Westcountry Storytelling Festival, Brighton Arts Festival, Secret Garden Party, Latitude, Camp Bestival, Cock & Bull Festival, London Literary Festival; Swindon Festival of Literature; YARNFest BAC Scratch Festival; Festival at the Edge; Beyond the Border (Wales); Sidmouth International Festival of Folk Arts;



    Spoken Word / Stories / Songs 

    Hosting fire-circles and story-rounds

    Burning Man (Center Camp Stage), Norwegian Storytelling Festival, Words Festival (Denmark), Contos de Liberdades (Portugal) Alden Biesen Festival, (Belgium), Westcountry Storytelling Festival, Brighton Arts Festival, Secret Garden Party, Latitude, Camp Bestival, Cock & Bull Festival, London Literary Festival; Swindon Festival of Literature; YARNFest BAC Scratch Festival; Festival at the Edge; Beyond the Border; Sidmouth International Festival of Folk Arts;

    Spoken Word & Acoustic Nights

    Spoken Word / Stories / Songs


    Crick Crack Club (Pit Theatre, Barbican; Soho Theatre, Northern Stage, Newcastle; RichMix); Hit the Ode, Birmingham; Nuffield Theatre, Southampton; London; Swindon Festival of Literature;  YARNFest;  BookSlam; Woodburner;  TongueFu; London; OutSpoken;  Jazz Verse Jukebox; Bang Said the Gun, London; Lyrically Challenged, London; Word of Mouth, Bristol Old Vic, Shakespeare & Co (France); Nuyorican Poets' Café, First Sunday Stories (USA)

  • KIDS!

    Everyday Magic

    Associate Storyteller

    For the last ten years Everyday Magic has been delivered by an association of 16 storytellers, artists, visual artists and musicians who captivate, inspire and excite the imaginations of children aged 3-11 with their special brand of magic. I regularly visit other schools, please get in touch.

    read more here

    The Story Museum

    Guest Storyteller

    Around the City, in unusual spaces, telling stories of adventure and discovery, to celebrate the day that Alice in Wonderland was written in Oxford.

    read more here

    Storytelling Training for Students, Parents & Educators

    Workshop Leader

    Workshops for parents and educators teach essential storytelling skills, learning how to adapt stories, and engage young audiences. These workshops have been taught around the world for the British Council, The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival & ERASMUS.

    House of Fairytales

    Ministry of Stories


    Guest Artist

    From a full schedule of storytelling sessions at Camp Bestival to running half-term workshops turning plants into poetry, it has been great to work with both of these respected, innovative organisations, who stretch to meet the boundless imaginations of children.


    stories to change, drive, and provide perspective

    Narrative Workshops

    Applied Storytelling Skills 

    London, England


    Workshops to understand the power of imagination and clarity in storytelling. Why it's important to do nothing, how to stimulate the imagination of your listeners, perspective and the impact of your choices.


    Global Brand Strategy Weekend

    Commissioned Story for Jameson's Whiskey

    Dublin, Ireland


    A new story to revive the imagination of the team, find new information and narratives that might influence the strategy for the following year. The story was performed for the group, and discussed afterwards. It pulled together strands of Irish Mythology, the history of the Jameson family, as well as that of the people of Dublin.


    In the Face of Change

    Aesop / The Boeing Company: Stories to Stimulate Discussion

    London, England


    Brought in by Aesop to use a relevant and culturally appropriate traditional story to explore company narrative and public perception of it.


  • FEES

    Storytelling in Education

    These fees are subject to change but give a general idea of what you can expect to pay for storytelling time.

    • £150 This call-out rate covers anything from five minutes to an hour within tfl zones 1-5 only. Further afield will be a half-day or day rate depending on travel time.
    • £215 for up to three hours (including the time in between tales)
    • £300 – 350 for over three hours - a day of storytelling
    • £300 – £600 for a day of teacher, college or parent training (business rates are different.)
    • Case by Case Basis: Commissions, Artistic Residencies, Workshops, one-to-one Sessions, Bespoke Stories requested for a specific subject or occasion, Send me a message and we'll find something that works for both of us!

    Travel and expenses outside Zone 3 are not included.
    Hotel accommodation will normally be required if if you are more than two hours train travel from London.

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